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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Major Motion Picture Based on THE KENNEDY DETAIL Planned for 50th Anniversary of Assassination

As the 50th anniversary approaches in 2013 for one of the darkest, saddest days in modern American history – the assassination of President John F. Kennedy – plans have been announced for production of a major motion picture based on the New York Times bestselling book, The Kennedy Detail, written by former Secret Service agent Gerald Blaine and award-winning journalist Lisa McCubbin, with a foreword by former agent Clint Hill.

Ramos & Sparks Group (R&S) of Tallahassee, Florida, in conjunction with Atchity Entertainment International (AEI) of Los Angeles, California, today announced they have secured the rights and optioned the book for an independent feature film closely following the book, thereby “setting the record straight in answer to Oliver Stone’s fanciful JFK.”

The venture will be produced by the collaboration The Kennedy Project, LLC. Blaine, a key member of President John F. Kennedy’s security detail, teamed with McCubbin to provide a first-hand account of protecting the 35th President and his family immediately following his election in November, 1960 through the tragic day in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

This critically acclaimed account was released in late 2010 as the first book written about the President and his family with the cooperation of the men charged with his protection. The first-hand account, told within the 427 pages of The Kennedy Detail and an Emmy-nominated documentary of the same title, is comprised of individual tales of loyalty, honor and ultimately, loss.

“This book is about a ‘band of brothers’ who committed their lives every day to guarding the President and his family,” said Dr. Ken Atchity, President of Atchity Entertainment International, who will serve as the film’s producer along with AEI partner Chi-Li Wong. “The unique relationship between this President and those charged with his safety is a story that will add a previously unknown perspective into the brief, but well-chronicled era known as the Kennedy Administration.”

“As a life-long student of the Kennedy Administration and the events of November 22, 1963, I could see immediately that this book provided a clear picture and keen insight into the everyday workings of the administration as well as that horrible day in Dallas,” said Rich Ramos, who along with Bob Sparks of Ramos & Sparks Group, will also serve as producers. “The true story contained inThe Kennedy Detail needs to be brought to theaters around the world so that history can be presented accurately, once and for all.”

Plans call for a release in late 2013, nearly 50 years to the day of the assassination of President Kennedy. The Emmy-nominated documentary based on The Kennedy Detail, narrated by Martin Sheen, was executive-produced by Ken Atchity and Chi-Li Wong, along with Renegade83, and first aired on Discovery Channel in 2010. Jerry Blaine and Lisa McCubbin also served as producers.