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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thank you for writing the book ...

Dear Mr. Blaine:

Thank you so much for writing the book and sharing.

I was in Mrs. Smiths’, 4th grade classroom on the South Side of Pittsburgh. I remember the smell of the classroom, the sound of the rubber tip of the teacher’s pointer on the pull down map; I can still see tears running down the faces of my classmates and teachers, I remember the tightness in my chest and the inability to swallow. As I was reading your book, I recalled the voice of Walter Cronkite announcing the time of death of President Kennedy.

After school, we still drove to Youngstown, Ohio to spend the weekend with family. Seven of us remained glued to the TV for the next four days. None of us understood why we lost a president that day. No explanations were sufficient.

Thank you for writing the book and answering questions that have remained unanswered since 1963. I understand more now.

Thank you to all the Secret Service agents who have served our Presidents.

My best regards,

Michelle Z

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