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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Warm best wishes to Jerry Blaine

Dear Mr. Blaine:
I have just finished reading "The Kennedy Detail," and am moved to write you this note to thank you for taking the time to write it.
Over the years, I have been privileged to have gotten to know several SA's with the Secret Service, and am always impressed with their dedication to the job.  It is, at its essence, a very high form of patriotism.  No one I know has gotten wealthy from being in the Service; even those who have risen in the ranks to ATSAIC's, ASAC's and SAIC's.
The point that resonated with me from reading your book is the Herculean tasks you and your colleagues had in an era devoid of the technological advances that the Secret Service enjoys today.
Please pardon my intrusion on your time with this email, but I wanted you to know that your book was not only enjoyable; it was inspirational as well.  I hope you, Joyce and your family will enjoy happiness and good health for many years to come.
Mark S. Alper

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