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Monday, March 21, 2011

Mr. Blaine,

I purchased your book on Thursday and finished reading it on Friday. I am glad you made the effort to allow history to see November 22, 1963 through the perspective lens of President Kennedy's Secret Service Detail. You write in such a vivid fashion I felt as if I was there. I even confess to crying at various points in your book.

I was not born until 1965, but from an early age President Kennedy captivated me. Unfortunately, as I came of age the nonsensical garbage spewed by the conspiracy fanatics was also coming of age. And I read everything I could get my hands on. Consequently, I just knew the president was cut down by some nefarious group hell bent on foisting their agenda upon the nation. I was young and dumb.

As I "matured," however, my belief in conspiracy began to waver. For one, a conspiracy of such dimensions requires too many people. It was my first visit to the Sixth Floor Museum that firmly pushed me into accepting the conclusion of the Warren Commission. Dealey Plaza looms large in the American experience. Yet its actual dimensions suffer by comparison. As you know, the real Dealey Plaza is much smaller than the one existing in the fabrications of conspiracy proponents. They like to make hay with the impossibility or difficulty of striking a moving target from the sixth floor of the Depository. But as you say Clint Hill discovered, anyone who has stood near Oswald's position can see for themselves the true difficulty would have been in missing an intended target. As you report, a scope was not necessary. Seeing the street from Oswald's vantage point dissipated any delusions I may have had concerning a conspiracy.

In time I believe the death of President Kennedy will be historically reported as the work of one person. At the same time the conspiracy industry will be seen for what it is; ludicrous and financially motivated. I am glad you wrote your book for this reason. It will stand as a historical record both detailing the perspective of the president's agents and the extent of grief experienced by many in the aftermath.

Peace to you and your family.
Craig Hicks


Because I grew up in a different era I cannot imagine a president riding in an open car. Do you ever wonder, "What were we thinking?" or were the times so different it seemed perfectly normal for a president to be exposed in such a manner?

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