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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Your Great Book

Mr. Blaine,

I just finished your wonderful book. It took me a whole day, because I needed sleep between readings.

I am pleased that you opened your heart and mind about the events that transpired during 1963 and for your setting the record straight.

I was ten years old during the time of your story. At age eleven, I checked-out a book about the Secret Service from my school library, and have been fascinated ever since with the men--at the time--who would "take a bullet for the President". It seems that now, both men AND women SAs, are the unsung heroes of today.

I have read various conspiracy accounts concerning that horrible day, but never in my wildest flights of fancy did I ever think that the Secret Service was directly or indirectly involved with the Kennedy assassination. I have always admired the special agents and the determined bravery that all of you have exhibited. I especially admire you, sir, for "going beyond the call" in your efforts to protect three presidents and I thank you for your service to our country.

Please extend my thanks to your co-author; Lisa McCubbin, a fine writer and also to Mr. Hill; a hero in my book, as he is in yours.


Charles M Baker III
Saint Mary, MO

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