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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Simon & Schuster Speakers Bureau Brings Author to live Audiences

Blaine, Gerald

Member of JFK's Secret Service Detail

Speaking Topics

    · The Kennedy Detail: JFK’s Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence

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About Blaine, Gerald:

Gerald Blaine had the privilege of serving three U.S. presidents as a Special Agent of the Secret Service on the White House detail. For the first time in his book, The Kennedy Detail: JFK’s Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence, the true story of the events leading up to and following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, from the perspective of the Secret Service agents who were there is revealed.

In The Kennedy Detail, Blaine – one of the thirty-four men in Kennedy’s detail – sets history straight on what really happened that afternoon, as well as in the months leading up to and following the assassination. His account includes contributions from most of the Secret Service agents who were on the Kennedy Detail, and draws upon their daily reports, expense accounts, personal notes, and verbal first-hand accounts. A close-knit brotherhood of agents who collectively suppressed the trauma of that day, the sharing of this story has helped heal their wounds of failure and guilt.

Clint Hill, the agent who jumped on the back of the car after the shooting and pushed Jackie down into the back seat, has not contributed to any books on the assassination, until now. As Hill writes in the Foreword, “I don’t talk to anybody about that day…It is only because of my complete faith and trust that Jerry Blaine would tell our story with dignity and unwavering honesty that I agreed to be involved.”

While The Kennedy Detail adds another volume to one of the most prolifically discussed aspects of our country’s history – between the conspiracy theories and countless revisionist histories – it is the only authoritative account of the events of that day from the men, like Clint Hill, who were there to guard the president’s life. With access to information from this privy vantage point, Blaine is able to disclose a variety of behind-the-scenes stories related to the assassination.

As Blaine writes, “Every man on the Kennedy Detail would re-live those six seconds in Dallas a million times over. For the rest of their lives, they would be defined by the assassination of JFK, questioned and blamed for failing to achieve the impossible.”

After serving for five years with the Secret Service, Blaine resigned following the assassination and later became the Director of Security for the IBM Corporation, and worked there for 27 years. He was then employed by ARCO International oil company and as the Director of Security and Foreign affairs. He has traveled to every country in the world and is very familiar with the issues of the Middle East, former Soviet Union, China, Africa, Asia, terrorism, and international trade and global issues.

Blaine is an experienced speaker and has appeared before audiences of thousands. He has addressed the International Association of chiefs of Police, International Security Managers association, and various other security associations. In his capacity as an Industry Marketing Consultant for IBM, he spoke to many customer executive groups from the law enforcement, Intelligence and judicial community. He retired in 2003 and now lives in Colorado with his wife of more than fifty years.

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