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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Your Excellent Book ...

Dear Mr. Blaine,

I just finished reading The Kennedy Detail, and I wanted to thank you and Mr. Hill and your other agent friends for setting the record straight. I was only 7 when the President died, but I still remember the day, and I've read and seen a lot of the theory stuff over the years.

You have done a great service to Mr. Kennedy's memory to provide many insights into the last few weeks of his presidency. He always seemed like a very intelligent leader to me, but I always had a feeling he was also a great guy. You helped honor some of that side of him.

I have great admiration for the silence you kept for all these years, until all the brothers and Mrs. Kennedy had long passed. But you were right in deciding to share the truth about those days, and you and the other agents knew many things that should not be lost to history. I hope your book will stand as one of the main sources of reference for many years to come.

PS: My dad was an IBM salesman for 35 years and he's anxious to read the book now, too!

Best of luck,

Dave Jarvis
Oneida Castle, NY

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I, too, just finished this book. I was glued to every word and hated to put it down. I have the utmost respect for every member, past and present, of the Secret Service for their hard work, loyalty, and genuine love of their jobs. I can't anyone having more pride in what they do.

I always loved JFK, and remember that day very vividly. It felt as though we all lost someone very close to us.

Thank you for gathering these details and stories, so people everywhere will know the truth, and put the false stories behind them. I also appreciate very much the comment about Marilyn Monroe. Who would know every detail of his life better than the Secret Service? He was a great man, protected by the very best of the best.

Kansas City, MO