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Monday, October 3, 2011

From Simon and Schuster Forum

Dear Ms. Lisa McCubbin, dear Mr. Gerald Blaine,

thank you for writing this extraordinary book abot the Kennedy detail. Aging 43, I became interested in the JFK assassination for the first time in 1992, when I was watching Oliver Stone´s " JFK". Since then I read various books about various conspirarcy theories as described in your book.

Dear Mr. Gerald Blaine, I´d like to thank you for your personal story and those of your then fellow agents. Thank you for many funny anecdotes during the detail and last but not least the very precise and heartbraking description of the assassination and its aftermath.

I´d like to let you know that I have entirely changed from a conspiracy enthusiast in the first place in the 1990s to such of the Warren Commission result. I have read the Warren Commission report. In comparison to those books which describe various conspiracy theories, the results of Warren Commission report are the most convincing. There might be ( or not) failures of investigations in it. However, after nearly 50 years since the assassination in Dallas no such conspiracy could ever been proved and to be honest to continue those theories is, to me, must be a permanent punch into the face of the Kennedy family, in particular for the only surviving child, Caroline Kennedy.

I allow myself as a much younger person who has never witnessed the scene in Dallas to tell you that I cannot see any guilt or personal responsibility for the death of the 35th President of the US. Neither you nor your fellow agents ever had chance to avoid the shooting. I am not saying that I disrespect your own feelings or those of your fellow agents. I am trying to say that from a rational point of view, there was nothing you could have done at the scene, as it happened. You were expressing this in your book as well, I think. You simply did a great job!

I hope for you personally and for the rest of the remaining fellow agents who are still alive, that you may find your peace and that the endless conspiracy theories may come to an end soon. I hope many more are going to read " The Kennedy detail"

Thank you for your brilliant book again!

Kind regards

Christoph Maurenbrecher

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