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Monday, October 10, 2011

Huge fan of book

Dear Mr. Blaine,

I wanted to write you and say how much I enjoyed your book. Having
read through many books on the Kennedy Presidency and legacy, your
book lent a credibility that simply cannot be questioned. Thank you
for encouraging the guys to lend their recollections to what is sure
to become a definitive account of those tragic events.

If you ever make it back through Los Angeles, perhaps for the
paperback, I'll be sure to attend the signing.

I know you guys don't like the term hero. Fair enough. But you had a
heroic job, did heroic things, lived a crazy schedule barely balancing
your family life with your work life that only a hero could pull off;
so you'll forgive me when I say, you sir, are a hero.

Thank you for this book. Thank you for your service.

Fred Shahadi

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