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Friday, February 15, 2013

Letters of Encouragement

From an ex-navy seal who worked for me to some of our mutual friends -- many of whom also worked for me in Algeria protecting our oil facilities and personnel during the fundamentalist war of the late 90's..  I did my frog time in Korea, before the group converted to the awesome special forces group they are today.  Steve ended up as a master chief before he retired.

To All,

Background, as I was nearing the end of my Military Career I had the fortune to meet Mr. Gerald Blaine on one of my stops through Dallas. From our initial meeting I was able to later hire on with ARCO at their oil facility in the Sahara Desert of Algeria. Jerry as we know him was a great leader and wonderful mentor. Our connection was that we had both served as Navy Frogmen, Jerry also served our country as a Secret Service Agent starting with Ike and was on the 'Kennedy Detail' before heading off to the corporate world.

I still consider him as one of the finest Gents I've had the pleasure knowing.

We recently reunited by phone, and he told me about this book he recently authored, 'The Kennedy Detail' not only is the book out and doing quite well, but Hollywood is knocking at the door.

I've ordered my copies today at the web site listed below.

Several on this email list also worked for Jerry and some have served as Secret Service, I did cc Jerry on this in case any of you wish to reply to him directly.

Please pass along to anyone I may of missed who might be interested.

Hooyah Jerry!




You are fortunate to know Agent Blaine.  I know you will enjoy his book.  It is well written and helps in understanding what happened that day in Texas.  It tells in great detail the story of a group of men who did their jobs.  Those men did not fail, but evil took the upper hand that day.  It may be the only day of my life that I remember so clearly.  Agent Blaine brought it all back to me in a way that I could understand.   Pat got me the book a couple of years ago for Christmas.  It is one of those books that you can't put down. I was in college and working for a newspaper when President Kennedy was killed.  Like all of us who are old enough to remember, I remember exactly where I was.  I was at work and in the "teletype" room when bells went off like I'd never heard before.  One line, "President Kennedy is dead."  

Agent Blaine,

If I might be so bold I want to thank you for your service and for writing the book.  It took me back to a time of fear, disbelief, anger, but most of all sadness and tears.  I can only imagine how you must have suffered.  You brought back a moment in American history  that was very confusing and enabled me to finally understand what happened and to accept what it meant for me and for America..    When I finished the book I really wanted to thank you and to shake your hand. Thanks to Steve, at least now I can thank you.  God bless you.  I join Steve in recommending that every American read your book.

Chuck Moore 

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