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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Former Kennedy Detail Agent Paul S. Rundle's Open Letter Tribute


The words “Worthy of Trust and Confidence” appear on the Commission Book given to every agent in the United States Secret Service when he or she is first appointed. They are also the motto of the entire organization. It is taught in the Training Schools and a part of most briefings before assignments. These words are of particular importance to those agents assigned to the protective details for the President and Vice President of the United States of America, and their families.

By nature of this assignment, agents are required to be in close proximity to the President, Vice President and their families at all times. Thus, they are in the unique position of being close observers of history as it is being made, and in some instances the sensitive discussions, in the situation room during times of national crisis, at the door to permit or deny access to the hotel rooms, in the oval office during the victories, in the limo after the defeats, and finally in the limo or the helicopter that transports them from the White House on their last day in office.

They are present during family outings, vacations, school affairs, sports events, weddings, funerals, and both the loud and quiet events all families share. Many of these were in the helicopter and the aircraft taking a former President to his home after he was forced to resign his office. They were in the limo that delivered a Vice President to federal prison.

But, these agent observers are NOT to be reporters of events, not there as invited participants, and certainly not because of their wonderful personalities, but there only because of their duty. They have been recruited, trained and selected to protect these dignitaries from physical harm. Period!

All agents who served on the Kenned Detail have been approached by the media, TV, radio, reporters and various authors many times. They unanimously wanted the Agents to comment upon events both personal and private that they observed while on duty, or to comment about the performance of other people. I and many others have never granted interviews. They violated their commission as “Worthy of Trust and Confidence.”

I have known the author, Jerry Blaine since High School in Englewood, Colorado. I continued as his friend during his years in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War, when he was an agent, and in his various subsequent employments. I know that during all this time, he has served his country well. His book is not an expose of the Kennedy Family, it is a book written about the agents who protected them.

I recommend this book to the reader because I know Jerry Blaine is “Worthy of Trust and Confidence.”

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