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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Letter of Appreciation form MSU's Cynthia Kyle

Agents Blaine and Hill and Lisa….

My mind has written a number of notes to you in the aftermath of your visit, all equally eloquent (I’m sure) but not written.

They all said thank you for your profound visit, and for the talk that continues through the community about it, and for the stories swapped about your visit (can you believe that Clint Hill rode in my car????) and the stories that are continue beyond that. I had lunch today with an old friend who was at the morning lecture and the book signing. She was telling another friend about the events when she noticed that people around them had quieted. Then they asked if she would speak up a bit so they could hear her account of your visit.

There are no words to describe, to even think about, how memorable your visit to East Lansing was.

Let me share some other follow ups:

You might want to look at the IPPSR website about your visit. We’re learning hear to edit video and audio, so forgive first efforts, but people were asking for same:

A column on education references visit:

A local political online magazine’s story:

A local entertainment weekly:

I have been asked for the names of folks who attended various events. Rad Jones has been asked about agents in town for your visit from the MSU alumni magazine editor.

Schuler Books & Music sold 89 books during the signing, in addition to the 60 sold during the earlier events. They were wowed by the reaction.
Thank you again for inspiring, awe-inspiring visit.

All best,

Cindy Kyle

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