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Friday, April 22, 2011

Your Inspirational Book

Dear Mr. Blaine,

Hi, my name is Molly Gerson. I am currently reading your book and felt an overwhelming need to contact you and thank you. My whole life I have had a fascination with history. However, in the recent months, that fascination has evolved into a true encompassing passion. This passion grew out of an interest in one historical event: the Kennedy assassination.

I began to read every possible thing I could on the Kennedy family. I find the Kennedys and especially the assassination to be pivotal to our nation's history. My interests began to grow to include the lives of all US presidents. I soon realized that with this passion, I wanted to alter my studies at the University of Southern California and one day becomes a high school history teacher, to spread knowledge about the topic of history and share my fervor for it.

Your book is an incredible contribution to history. Like I said, I have read a great deal about the assassination. However, reading about the event from the perspective of the Kennedy detail has truly touched me. In your book you describe that not only did you all lose a president, but you also lost a personal friend. I was overwhelmed by emotion reading about the moments that changed history, how in a split second power was transferred from beloved John F. Kennedy to new president Lyndon B. Johnson. I am certain that I will never again read such a remarkable, personal account of the events in 1963.

Thank you so much, as your book has only incited a greater determination in me to achieve my goal of becoming a history teacher. Stories like these can never be forgotten, but passed on and remembered for generations.


Molly Gerson
University of Southern California

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