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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Statement by Winton "Win" Lawson


The Kennedy Detail

As a member of the Kennedy Detail, I conducted the security advance in Dallas for President Kennedy’s fatal trip. I have shared my every thought and emotion with Jerry Blaine regarding the planning and the day of the assassination. Jerry's support for the agents who served in Dallas that tragic day has been steadfast and he knows 2what we were confronted with in carrying out our mission. He has capture the heart and soul of an agent who wanted to do his job to the best of his ability.

Jerry Blaine and I journeyed together through eh Kennedy years. His integrity is impeccable and he personifies the Kennedy Detail agents. His loyalty is to the truth and has experienced everything a White House detail agent could experience during his years of service.

Jerry Blaine's The Kennedy Detail is a "must read" for anybody who wants to know the true story of the events surrounding JFK's assassination. The Kennedy Detail is an authentic and compelling perspective of that tragic day that leaves you wondering, could this happen again?

Blaine takes you behind the scenes and lets you walk in the shoes of the Secret Service agents who protected President Kennedy around the clock. As one of the agents, I can tell you, Jerry Blaine nailed it. Masterfully written, the book provides an insider's point of view to this historic and tragic event that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Secret Service agents carry a commission book that sates we are worthy of trust and confidence. Jerry Blaine remains to this day as worthy of trust and confidence. He was an extremely dedicated agent. I have known Jerry for over fifty years and he remains the dedicated former agent that he was when on active duty years ago.

If you read just one book about the Kennedy assassination, make it The Kennedy Detail.

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