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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Kennedy Detail Book Tour - Comment

Last night I went to our (awesome) local library and heard a talk by Gerald Blaine who has just published this book. He is one of the Secret Service agents with JFK when the president was assassinated in Dallas. Another agent, Win Lawson, was there also.

I bought the book as a gift for someone, started to browse through it, and was still reading at midnight. Guess I'll have to keep this copy. It is a fascinating account of this terrible event and what these agents still think of as a horrendous 'failure.' At the time, they had no trauma counseling and actually never have had. It was only a couple of years ago during an interview for the Discover channel that they finally began talking about their own experiences. The book seems to have become a catharsis for some of these brave and dedicated public servants. After only a few chapters, I can highly recommend it.

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