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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reader's Letter of Appreciation

Mr. Blaine,

I just finished reading your book yesterday, three hours after I started it... it was amazing, and it included some information that I had heard previously, and lots of information that I didnt already know. I had previously, ( a year or two ago) read Abraham Boldons book about the event, and I found yours much more revealing, and yes, chilling and haunting by far. What effected me most, was the effect that the " six seconds" had on Clint Hill and how long it took him to finally deal with it.

Thank you for writing this book and bringing to light what the agents really knew had happened, and the devastation that it caused to them personally and professionally


Laura Gary

1 comment:

Kerry Ann said...

Mr. Blaine, I agree with Lara, but she said it much better. Thank you for sharing your story. Regards, Kerry Kenney