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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

With Respect

Dear Mr. Blaine,

I just finished reading “The Kennedy Detail”, and just so you know, I have never sent a letter like this before.

I became aware of your book after you and Mr. Hill appeared on the FOX 5 San Diego morning show. My daughter, Anna Belle, a writer on the show, had the honor of speaking with you both. If I may jog your memory a bit, in the course of conversation, she relayed that her grandpa was also named Gerald but with a hard “G”. You both signed a copy of the book for her. She called me on her way home in tears and began telling me about your conversation and the pride, sorrow, loss and love of Country she felt and how grateful she was in her heart to have been in the presence of true heroes and learn of their commitments and sacrifices.

I finished the book yesterday and found myself wiping away the tears for the same reasons my 26 year old daughter did. I was 3 1/2 years old on that fateful day and remember, as do most American’s, and the world, exactly where I was.

I want to thank you for finally dispelling all the myths and theories about the assassination, but mostly for giving young people a chance to feel what it means to completely commit yourself to a job, a lifestyle, a career, for the greater good and ask nothing in return. I think our young people today need to know that and I believe your book is a great start. The rest of us “old folk” surely will benefit too!!!!!

Thank you again for the kindness you showed my daughter. She will never forget you. Her Grandpa G.G. (Gerald Guy) is now in possession of the copy you signed for her and, to say the least, he is a proud Grandpa!

With greatest respect.

Betsy Guy Baumbaugh

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