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Friday, January 28, 2011

About Your Book ...

Dear Jerry Blaine,

Hi. I just want to tell you "The Kennedy Detail" is a great book! I could hardly put it down. I thought that was funny when Clint Hill thought he was not going to be an agent anymore, but then transferred to the First Lady Detail.

Like I said I read every word. When John, Jr saw them leave Andrews on November 21, then the President saying "Take care of John," you mentioned he never said that before. That reminded me of what I read about President Lincoln saying to (his secretary I think it was Mr. Crook) "Goodbye Crook" instead of Good night. Perhaps the two presidents had an inkling they wouldn't be back.

The detail of things-like the trips to Tampa and then to Texas are so vivid I could see them happening, like when the one SS Agent pushed the little boy to the ground to get him away from the President. Your right, that was his job. Including every detail and how it happened was chilling.

This book is so great because it's not a book about an historical event by historian, it's by you and all the agents who actually lived through those events and then had to live with the events and outcomes for the rest of their lives.

I hope one day I will get a chance to meet you and Clint Hill.

Sandi Scurlock

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