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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Letter to Paul Landis

Dear Paul,

Below I have forwarded an e-mail received from Ann Harding Hoxie that I wanted you to see. Chuck andI just finished reading The Kennedy Detail and watched the documentary on Dec. 2. We both thought it was a very well written book. Thank you so much for letting us know about the book and documentary. I am a member of P.E.O. Sisterhood and have gotten to know Libby Reed in the Delaware Chapter of P.E.O. I called the Reeds to tell them about the documentary since I thought they would know you as a former student at Ohio Wesleyan. I was surprised to learn from John Reed that he knew you well because both of you are S.A.E. members. Libby told me she and John got to see the documentary. John said he was going to be certain a copy of the book was added to the Wesleyan Library.

You certainly spoke well in the documentary. You and all your fellow agents deserve the nation's gratitude and honor for being willing to share your story regarding this important piece of our country's history. I kept thinking, while reading the book, how proud Mr. Rousculp would have been of you and your service to the president and America under such difficult circumstances. I checked to see how many copies of the book have been purchased for the Columbus Library system. The two Worthington libraries are in the Columbus system. There are 44 copies of The Kennedy Detail. Every copy is checked out and there is a waiting list of 61 people currently.

Chuck and I visited the museum in the Book Depository when we went on a bus tour to San Antonio last year. At the time, I wondered if you had seen this museum. Now I know.

I know some in our class have told me they didn't get to see the documentary, so I hope it might be shown again on the Discovery Channel.

Most sincerely,


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