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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Congrats on your book from a former PPD agent

Dear Mr. Blaine,

I just finished your book on the Kennedy Detail and also saw the piece on TV. As a former PPD agent, I wanted to commend you for how well you portrayed the life of those who protected the President. I wanted to add that as tough as we had it on the detail in my day, ( 77-81) those of you who went before us had it much tougher due to the fewer number of agents you had to work with and the outside resources available to you.

I was also impressed with the relationships you all built and maintained with the President. It kind of reminded me of the relationship we had with the Reagan family, but as good as that was, it wasn't the same that you all had with the Kennedys.

Once again, congratulations on a story that needed to be told. I don't believe that the agents of my generation could have done things any better given the circumstances that existed at the time. I was on the Reagan detail when he was shot and we could have easily lost him that day. As we both know in situations like that, mere inches separates major historical events from footnotes in history books.

Best regards,

Mike Maddaloni

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