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Saturday, February 12, 2011

E Mail Exchange Regarding Agents Jack Ready and Emory Roberts

In a message , sreddin2 writes:


Thank you so much for sharing your memories and to Clint for sharing his memories of this horrible event in our history. None of us will ever forget it, and all of us will relive it every time we think of President Kennedy. Your contributions to our history are invaluable.

I read the book and could hardly put it down. I read over the details of the last few minutes several times and something is missing, or at least I could not find it.

The diagram of the agent configuration on page 196 shows the positions of Jack Ready and Emory Roberts in the follow up car.

The account beginning on page 214 and through page 217 details how Jack stopped after Emory yelled to stop so the car would not hit him.

Do either of those men have their accounts on record anywhere? I have not been able to find them. Are they still alive? It would seem that they would have suffered perhaps as much or more than any other agents but we don't see any comments from them in the book, and not much is said about them. Is there a source approved by you and Clint detailing the reactions and thoughts of these two agents who were also so close to the President at the end?

If I missed this in the book, I apologize, just wondered what you can share.

God Bless you all......Thanks!


Jack Ready would have died or been seriously injured had he left the follow-up car. Both he and Paul Landis had turned back towards the book depository. Since Clint was on the left hand side of the Follow-up car, his eye caught the president grasping at his throat and immediately left the follow-up car. Sam Kinney, the follow-up car driver turned the car slightly to the right to give Clint a clear path. The third shot hit before Clint could reach the car. Emory Roberts, who has deceased, saw the situation and also the damage of the third shot and told Jack to stay put. If you watch the Zapruder film in real time you will note that the time from the first shot to the last was six seconds or less. Clint did not make the car in that time in spite of a super human effort and running at a speed of fifteen miles per hour and Jack could not have made it either, although there is no doubt Jack would have tried except Emory saw the futility in it since the presidential car had started to accelerate and Emory and every one in the follow-up car knew the third shot was fatal.

Jack provided his statement to the Warren Commission and I talked with him once over the telephone, but it was evident that the incident was not one Jack wanted to expound on and it was evident to me that day still has a heavy impact on him. I respected his silence. There was nothing that could have changed the course of that day and there was nothing anyone could do to prevent the assassination. Clint did manage to save Mrs. Kennedy from serious injury or death. The only thing that could have prevented his death that day was an armored car and we did not have one.


Gerald S. Blaine

In a message , sreddin2 writes:


It is a great honor to me that you took the time to offer a little more detail. I was just a kid in the 7th grade when this happened, as was my wife, but we remember every little detail of the entire day, and all the reactions of our parents and friends. My wife and I and our youngest son have been to the Dealy Plaza and the museum in the Book Depository, and our feelings immediately were that we had been there before and had lived through those horrible moments. The clarity that your book added to those deep feelings is something we will be eternally grateful for. Most of the people I know who were alive that day have wondered about the actual thoughts and actions of your detail for all these years. Now we know the truth. I know it has been a healing experience for all of you and it is also helping to heal us as well. Thank you!

I looked over the Zapruder film last night, and I also found a site that archived the statements given to the Warren Commision by the agents. I read through Mr. Roberts and Mr. Ready's statements, and had it not been for your book, I would have not been able to easily determine what was the truth, and what was not from all the varied accounts on the internet.

It is clear that your work and Clint's work with the help of Mrs. McCubbin is fast becoming the standard for the truth about the entire period in our history, and will be for many generations to come. We have 4 children and 9 grandchildren, and all of them will certainly benefit from your work as they study the assassination in school. I hope your book is recommended reading for all high school and college classes in American History and government.

I noticed toward the end of your book the seriousness you applied to how our nation would be able to react to an assassination now or at any time in the future. I still remember the reactions in the 60's and our kids and grand kids will never be able to remember as we do, however it is clear that you are correct, the nation could easily fall into anarchy if this ever happens again. We pray that it never will.

I can certainly see how Mr. Ready or any of you would have a very difficult time discussing the events of that day. Your descriptions and accounts leave no doubt whatsoever that you did all you could, and that the shooter did indeed have all the advantages.

I had the privilege to meet President George W. Bush when he visited the Ford Plant in Kansas City on March 21, 2007. I watched the secret service coverage of the people who would be around him very carefully. It was clear that the security was very extensive and as the President got closer to me I could see and feel the eyes of many secret service agents watching my every move. I was able to shake the president's hand as he reached across two rows of people to get to me. Without the dedication of the present secret service forces, and the lessons they learned from the experiences of your group of dedicated professionals, none of us would ever have that opportunity. It was an experience I will never forget.

I've attached a couple of photos of my big moment. You may know some of the folks shown protecting the President. (I'm the guy in the red Ford hat)

Please let Mr. Clint Hill know how much his contributions to the book and his work and sacrifice are appreciated by average Americans all across the country. It is so clear that he did indeed react properly and quickly to protect Mrs. Kennedy and that without his Herculean efforts she would certainly have been severely injured.

It has been an honor to communicate directly with you and if you or Mr. Hill ever come to Independence, Missouri, it would be an honor to meet you both.

Thank you all so much for your service to our country and our presidents and their families. Thanks again for speaking with me.

Stephen L.Redding

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