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Thursday, February 10, 2011

This From a Former FBI Associate

Jerry .....

Just a note of appreciation for the fine work on the Kennedy Detail book. In August of 1961 my wife and I moved into Larchmont Village. We had gotten married on August 26th and had the front apartment on the right hand side as you went down the steps to the same level you and your family lived on. As I recall there was another Secret Service agent on that floor who worked in the counterfeiting division.

While we never really socialized you and I did run into each other now and then as we waited out on the steps for our rides to work, you to the White House and me to the FBI where I worked midnights in the computer center. I was always fascinated with your stories of the work you did and even a few insights to The President.

In late July of 1963 we moved to Annandale to a larger apartment as we were expecting our first child. The day of the tragedy in Dallas was my last day at the Bureau as I had taken a new job at the Department of Agriculture. I will always remember what I was doing when the word was spread about the shooting in Dallas, my home town. I recall trying to collect my thoughts about what I was hearing and found myself thinking of you, not knowing where you were at that moment. Later as the news began to provide some clarity I was relieved to learn that no agents had been injured. That weekend was like a nightmare as my family and friends tried to learn more and make sense of all we were learning.

On Sunday night my wife and I were watching the news with friends. The crowds waiting to go through the Capitol were being shown and I found myself wanting, needing I guess, to go down and get in line. My friend and I left our wives and drove to the Capitol around midnight, found a place to park and began trying to find the end of the line. We never found it. It was an incredible experience. After several hours we returned home.

I was taking classes at the Veteran's Administration building twice a week and in getting there had to walk by the White House. For many weeks, as I walked by, there would be people clinging to the fence just sobbing. I had never seen anything like it. I wondered about you and the effect this must have been having on you.

Some how I learned later that you had left the Service and gone to work for IBM. Now I know the rest of the story about your life after and all of the detail about the tragedy. I'm glad you wrote this book and I'm proud to have known you back then. I also want to thank you for all those years of faithful service despite the enormous sacrifices you and your family had to endure.

My best to you and your family.

Jim Lair

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