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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Read The Book ...

Mr. Blaine,

Just last night I finished reading your book. I found it very interesting. When I read that you agree with the Warren Commission report, it surprised me, until I read the entire book. It made me realize that, being only four years old at the time of the assassination; I too have been raised by the media, to believe/question details with the conspiracy slant. That’s why I am so glad I read your book.

The first thing that really troubled me was learning of the double shifts, lack of sleep and food that you and others describe. I truly find it appalling that things were run in that fashion. All of those issues can certainly affect the performance of an individual. By this, I don’t mean to disrespect or blame at all, I just find it odd that this seemed to be the norm. Secondly, the lack of any time to regroup or recover for the agents following the assassination is shocking. I do understand those were different times, and I doubt it would be handled that way today. I think you all had amazing families too, for they sacrificed much for the job.

Your work has given me an even greater respect for those that protect (and have in the past) our nation’s leaders. Thank you for your service, and for sharing a very painful part of your personal and our nation’s history.


Kathie Church

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